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Quality Road and Storage Semi Trailers for your everyday need!

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Transportation and storage solutions

Better equipped to respond to the ebbs and flows of inventory with the help of Vander Kamp Leasing. With a large supply of well-maintained trailers for lease, storage and shipping have never been easier.


Available on a monthly basis, these extra semi-trailers can make the difference between making deliveries and not. When the slow season starts, simply end the leases! Give us a call today to discuss your semi-trailer needs.

Well-maintained trailers

Each and every one of our semi-trailers goes through rigorous testing to ensure it can meet the demands of the road and long-term storage. Don’t worry about damaged inventory or delays for repairs with our trailers!


Lease semi-trailers:

  • Leasing semi-trailers

  • Available for at least 30 days minimum

  • 48 foot to 53-foot trailers

  • High quality at competitive rates

No waiting — call today!

With a large number of quality semi-trailers, there's no waiting. We can respond quickly to your needs.

Call for assistance on semi-trailer leases:


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